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New Construction

Baltimore Station

Fostering the Next Creative Generation

Baltimore Station encompasses an innovative co-living program, livework studios, commercial space, as well as a variety of shared workshop and social spaces.

Project Details

  • Location: 66 E. Baltimore
  • Project Size: 124,000 SQ FT
  • Completion Date: 2019
  • Developer: The Platform
  • Architects:
  • Lorcan O'Herlihy Architects

Connectivity, Materials & Scale

Baltimore Station’s co-living program centers around the courtyard space, which forms the backbone of the co-living program, encouraging casual interactions and creative collaborations. The exterior materiality pays homage to the neighborhood’s industrial past as inspired by the nearby Ford Piquette Factory, where the first Ford Model Ts were made. As the main building block, the individual unit creates an overall form that responds to various contextual and programmatic influences, stepping down to engage the ground level at the pedestrian scale.