Detroit Design 139

Neighborhood Planning

Brush Park

A Plan Looking At Low Density And High Density Development

The form-based code project that paves the way for a highly functioning neighborhood.

Project Details

  • Location: Brush Park
  • Project Size: .28 SQ MI
  • Completion Date: Fall 2018
  • Architects:
  • Utile
  • Hamilton Anderson Associates

Code to Plan for the Future

Intended to regulate development and ensure high-quality public spaces, form-based codes comprise building form standards, street standards, use regulations, descriptive building types, a regulating plan, and other elements needed to implement the principles of a functional and vital urban neighborhood. The form-based code is a regulation, not merely a guideline that is adopted into city law. The Brush Park Form-Based Code presents design guidelines and density recommendations for future development. In addition, it proposes a public open space strategy that meets the outdoor and recreational needs of a future, fully developed Brush Park. Working within the context of Brush Park’s Historic District, the proposed building types will complement the massing and scale of the existing context with specific opportunities for higher density to exist, ensuring a diverse urban fabric. Through public meetings held in the neighborhood, the design team worked with City officials, residents, and stakeholders to create the form-based code.