Detroit Design 139

Academic Work

Dequindre Courts

Urban Rooms for All Generations

The Courts are a 250 unit multigenerational housing project situated in Detroit’s Eastern Market, adjacent to the Dequindre Cut Greenway, along Dequindre Cut and St. Aubin Street.

Project Details

  • Location: Division & Alfred
  • Project Size: 168,560 SQ FT
  • Authors:
  • Theresa Chua
  • Saumon Oboudiyat
  • Run Yu
  • Instructors:
  • Lars Graebner
  • Christina Hansen
  • Term: Fall 2016

Creating Comfortable Exterior Spaces

The project proposes “Urban Rooms,” within its housing development. The rooms are a series of exterior courtyards, meant for the community and fostered by its residents. The Urban Balcony takes advantage of the Dequindre Cut’s corridor. The Urban Study creates a quiet area off of St. Aubin St and Division St. And the Urban Living Room acts as a central zone where chance encounters occur. A flexible framework for sharing resources is envisioned amongst a growing singles working class and student population.