Detroit Design 139

Neighborhood Planning

Northwest Detroit

Neighborhood Framework Plan

A framework plan that builds on existing strong neighborhoods and builds on underserved ones.

Project Details

  • Location: Northwest Detroit
  • Project Size: 7 SQ MI
  • Completion Date: October 2017
  • Architects:
  • Design Workshop
  • Lorcan O'Herlihy Architects

Four Framework Strategies

Northwest Detroit encompasses a large geographic area comprised of over 17 Neighborhoods. The framework plan has been designed to build upon the existing stability of strong neighborhoods, such as Greater Sandhill and the Grandmont Rosedale Communities, and to support other neighborhoods that are under served. This plan focuses on key areas where investment in streetscapes, infrastructure, and the public realm will have a significant impact. These interventions are implemented through four framework strategies. The Northwest Detroit Neighborhood Framework provides long-term master plan strategies to create new housing and economic opportunities, improve connectivity and mobility, integrate new green storm water infrastructure and enhance public open space. The planning team worked collaboratively with stakeholders to develop a series of potential design solutions, programming initiatives, and policy recommendations for the area. After vetting these alternatives through a series of community meetings and focus groups, the final recommendations were captured and refined in the framework plan.