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Urban Design

Roosevelt Park Renewal

How Community-Led Design Can Transform an Urban Landscape

Over 700 people were involved in three neighborhood workshops, including one public engagement session during Detroit's Open Streets.

Project Details

  • Location: Corktown
  • Project Size: 11 Acres
  • Architects:
  • Assembly Design Studio
  • Human Scale Studio

Community Engagement

Corktown Economic Development Corporation, Human Scale Studio, Mexicantown community and business leaders, and Assembly Design Studio teamed up to create a vision for Roosevelt Park from the viewpoint of the communities-at-large.The team first met in July where Assembly facilitated a workshop to gain further insight in how the surrounding communities live, what concerns they may have, and how they envision the future space. The community expressed the need to sustain and improve the connection between Mexicantown and Corktown, to preserve the iconic and historical importance of Michigan Central Station, and to create a vibrant, active space for communities. Based on the community’s concerns and comments, Assembly developed three plan views and presented them at a community workshop during Open Streets Detroit.