Interested participants are asked to submit up to three (3) projects that represent design excellence in planning, architecture, landscape design, and adaptive reuse. Projects must be built, or designed with intent to build, and must be located within the Detroit city limits. The three projects can be submitted into any of the following three categories:

  1. Urban Design (includes Planning and Landscape Architecture projects)
  2. New Construction
  3. Adaptive Reuse

The image and text content to be included in each of the submissions are at the discretion of the participant, but may include renderings, photographs, site maps, plans, sections, elevations, axonometric drawings, diagrams, and sketches. Accommodations may also be made for the display of a physical model at the discretion of the Detroit Design139 committee.

As completed by the firm responsible for the design project, each project submission must utilize the provided Project Template Style Guide and include the following:

  1. Completed Project Board (.PDF format)
  2. Completed Project Description (.PDF format)

All templates and fonts necessary for your submission can be found below:

  1. Project Board Template (.IDML)
  2. Example Project Boards (.PDF)
  3. Project Description Template (.IDML)
  4. Example Project Description (.PDF)
  5. Avenir Font (.TTC)

Please note that the Detroit Design139 collaborative will be selecting approximately 20 projects for the exhibition. Selected project teams will be contacted to acquire live InDesign files and individual image files. Detroit Design 139 reserves the right to alter the layout of boards to ensure consistent display of all projects at the exhibition.

All .PDF entries should utilize the following naming convention:

"YYYYMMDD_Name of Project_Submission Category_Template Type"

ex: "20170801_City Modern_New Construction_Project Board"

All materials must be submitted electronically through the Detroit Design 139 website submission form. The Detroit Design 139 collaborative will coordinate the printing and installation of the selected works to be featured in the exhibition.

Each submission may not exceed 25MB and must be uploaded by 5pm on August 9th, 2017. A full timeline can be found here.


The Detroit Design139 Exhibition is open to architects, landscape architects, planners, designers, and artists.

The goal of DETROIT DESIGN 139 is to showcase innovative work happening within our city, so we welcome any projects that fall within Detroit's 139 square miles. Projects with footprints outside of Detroit's city limits will not be considered.

Board and staff members of Detroit Design139, as well as members of the jury, or those involved with the preparation or funding of this competition may not participate. This competition is to be conducted solely via this website – no additional printed material is available. The official language of the competition is English.


Selection of entrants for participation in the Detroit Design 139 Exhibition is anonymous. No names of team members or the company under which they may be employed shall appear on the Project Boards. The Project Description will serve as the means of identification for the project team. All material received by the competition organizers becomes their property, including reproduction rights. The intellectual property rights for each submission remain with the author(s) of the submission. The Detroit Design139 reserves the right to publish, exhibit, or present the work submitted to this competition in any format.

By making a submission, the entrant agrees that the information contained on this form and any other information or materials submitted by the entrant are complete and accurate.  The entrant further agrees that it shall indemnify and hold harmless Detroit Design139 from and against all claims or damages arising out of the use of any information or other materials supplied by the entrant.  All errors and omissions are the sole responsibility of the entrant. 

The entrant further certifies that it has obtained all permissions necessary to permit Detroit Design139 to publish without financial or other obligations, any information, photograph or other material submitted by the entrant including any permission required from any individual, architect, contractor or photographer. 

The entrant certifies that Detroit Design139 is authorized to use all such materials as it deems appropriate in connection with this awards program, including publicizing the program itself. Failure to communicate process and requirements to other associated firms will result in disqualification.


A list of FAQs is available here. Other questions regarding the competition will be accepted until July 31st, 2017. Questions should be emailed to: Answers will be posted on the Detroit Design139 website.


The above link will direct you to the official submission form. Please follow the naming conventions and graphic guidelines outlined in the Submission Materials to ensure the eligibility of your submission. Interested, but not ready to submit yet? RSVP here.